At Rockefeller, we believe that blockchain technology will radically transform the future of asset management to the benefit of investors globally. We are pioneers in the space, having created a secure management and distribution platform that significantly improves costs and transparency.

Through our innovative funds and our very own investor platform, we provide investors worldwide with democratized investment access. With our products, we create high-return investment opportunities that everyone deserves.

  • Inclusive Global Access
  • Community Commitment
  • Shared Prosperity
Invest any amount

You can start investing with as little as $50 due to our low-cost platform

Build a balanced portfolio

Choose investments from among a diverse set of asset classes

Withdraw any time

Our investment funds have no lock-up, you are able to withdraw 24/7

Security & transparency

Your fund holdings are secured by the blockchain and reported in real-time

We Deliver Our Services Few Process


Getting Started

Register your trading account.

Account Funding

Deposit funds, our AI does the trading

Withdraw Request

Withdraw your funds after it's cycle completion.

Funds Advantages With Rockefeller

Diversification into the top 10 cryptocurrencies

Exposure to the crypto market through the top 10 assets by market cap offers significant diversification benefits, while further reducing concentration risks by capping fund holdings of individual cryptoassets to 15%

Quant-driven hedging algorithm

The fund dynamically adjusts its crypto exposure using an algorithm developed by our talented data science team to reduce volatility and improve returns. The fund aims to avoid drawdowns by moving into interest-bearing cash holdings during bear markets, and pivoting back into crypto once the bulls return.

Due diligence

Our experienced and knowledgeable analyst team assesses each crypto project before becoming eligible to enter the index - helping avoid pump-and-dumps or scams that the typical investor might not avoid.



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