Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Your bank is not independent. That means that they can only advise on their own limited products or those of the single insurance company that they have partnered with. Rockefeller is independent which means that we are not tied to any single provider and have no vested interest in any specific insurance or investment company.

Our independence means that not only can we select from the best plans in the whole market, we can also advise on any existing plans, giving you a holistic overview of your full financial planning. We are interested in the big financial picture, not just the sale of one off-the-shelf product.

At Rockefeller, we only engage qualified advisers and we offer substantial in-house support for all professional examinations and qualifications. Our advisers have qualifications from a number of recognised professional bodies, including the Chartered Insurance Institute, London Institute of Banking & Finance, Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment and CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

We encourage all advisers to keep studying to keep their qualifications relevant and up to date.

Here at Rockefeller, we appreciate that every one of our clients has a different financial scenario and thus different objectives and tolerance of risk. Our emphasis is on finding products that match that specific risk/reward appetite precisely. Our advice will always be to minimise losses first and worry about gains second, but it is entirely up to you, the client, how that risk/reward balance is calibrated. We are aware that this is your money so you need to be comfortable with how it is managed.

We are a fully licensed and certified United Kingdom. Our license number is: BR019631.

Guided by our conviction that responsible investing is the best way to create wealth over the long term, we offer investors around the world specialized investment capabilities across a wide range of asset classes. We're focused on meeting the diverse and evolving needs of today's investors.

For anyone to take advantage of our investment opportunity, the person must be at least 18 years of age and must have agreed to our Terms of Service. The country in which you’re located doesn’t matter; as long as you're legally allowed to partake in international investing.